Patent Number: 7,089,127

Title: Integrated battery service system

Abstract: An integrated battery service system performs a plurality of services related to a battery, such as battery testing, battery charging, and the like. In addition, the integrated service system provides services to devices/components that are coupled to the battery, such as starters, alternators, etc. The integrated battery service system allows a user to abort a service and then resume the process from where the process was aborted. When conducting a service, the integrated battery service system determines a noise level caused by devices/components coupled to the battery. The integrated battery service system includes connectors configured to couple to a battery for receiving input signals, a processor coupled to the connectors, and a memory device coupled to the processor for storing control codes and operation history. The control codes, when executed by the processor, control the system to selectively abort a service in response to a user input. Since the memory stores operation histories, the processor may access the memory to retrieve data related to the aborted service and parameters obtained during the service before the process was aborted. The system reinstates the aborted service in response to another user input.

Inventors: Thibedeau; Dennis G. (Franklin, WI), Brott; Alejandro P. (Chicago, IL), Jonker; Gary (Kenosha, WI), Wisneski; Leonard (Kenosha, WI), Willems; Paul A. (Kenosha, WI), Goetzelmann; Alan D. (Wheeling, IL)

Assignee: Snap-On Incorporated

International Classification: G06F 19/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018