Patent Number: 7,089,185

Title: Embedded multi-layer coupled hidden Markov model

Abstract: An arrangement is provided for embedded coupled hidden Markov model. To train an embedded coupled hidden Markov model, training data is first segmented into uniform segments at different layers of the embedded coupled hidden Markov model. At each layer, a uniform segment corresponds to a state of a coupled hidden Markov model at that layer. An optimal segmentation is generated at the lower layer based on the uniform segmentation and is then used to update parameters of models associated with the states of coupled hidden Markov models at lower layer. The updated model parameters at the lower layer are then used to update the model parameters associated with states at the super layer.

Inventors: Nefian; Ara V (Santa Clara, CA)

Assignee: Intel Corporation

International Classification: G10L 15/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018