Patent Number: 7,100,317

Title: Display device and photo holder

Abstract: A thin flexible material (30) is die-cut into a shape. Inset cuts are made in the sheet material to form large tabs (32 and 32') and small tabs (34 and 34'). Another set of inset cuts and a vertical cut are made to form split tabs (40a and 40b and 40'a and 40'b). The large tabs are bent forward and the small tabs are bent backward so that a photo or flexible sheet material (46) may be placed under tabs in a flexed position on both sides of the device in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. The curved position of the displayed material creates a unique effect without damaging the displayed material with tacks or tape. When assembled the display device and displayed materials form a stand-alone three-dimensional structure. When placed on a horizontal surface, the displayed material can be displayed on both sides of the device. With displayed material on only one side of the device, it can be attached to a vertical surface. When not assembled, the structure, consisting of the display device and the displayed material, can store flat or fit in an envelope.

Inventors: Strong; Finn Alexander (San Rafael, CA)


International Classification: G09F 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018