Patent Number: 7,100,360

Title: Pulsed combustion engine

Abstract: A pulsed combustion device includes a support structure and a combustor carousel supported by the support structure and rotating relative thereto about an axis. The carousel has a number of combustion conduits in a circumferential array. Each conduit cyclically receives a charge and discharges combustion products of the charge.

Inventors: Sammann; Bradley C. (East Hampton, CT), Twelves, Jr.; Wendell V. (Glastonbury, CT), Jones; Gary D. (Jensen Beach, FL), Norris; James W. (Lebanon, CT), Klein; Harvey L. (East Hampton, CT), Jones; James E. (Jensen Beach, FL), Kramer; Stephen K. (Cromwell, CT), Thonebe; Douglas A. (Glastonbury, CT)

Assignee: United Technologies Corporation

International Classification: F02K 3/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018