Patent Number: 7,100,395

Title: Built-in type outdoor unit for air conditioner

Abstract: The present invention discloses a built-in type outdoor unit for an air conditioner including: a louver frame being fixedly installed on a rectangular space inner wall formed on an outer wall of a building, being divided into a suction area and a discharge area, including a plurality of louver blades in each area, and sucking and discharging air through gaps between the louver blades; an outdoor unit casing being formed in a rectangular parallelepiped shape, being fixedly installed on the inside bottom of the building to contact with the louver frame, and having its one surface facing the suction area and the discharge area of the louver frame opened and the other surfaces closed; and means installed on at least one of the facing surfaces of the louver frame and the outdoor unit casing, for preventing external leakage of air between the louver frame and the outdoor unit casing. A compressor for compressing a refrigerant gas supplied from an indoor unit through pipe lines, an air-cooled condenser for condensing the refrigerant gas from the compressor, and a cooling fan for supplying external air to the air-cooled condenser through the suction area, and discharging heat exchanged air through the discharge area are installed in the outdoor unit casing.

Inventors: Kim; In-Gyu (Jinhae-Shi, KR), Bae; Young-Ju (Changwon-Shi, KR), Koo; Ja-Hyung (Changwon-Shi, KR), Park; Byung-Il (Changwon-Shi, KR), Kim; Kyeong-Ho (Changwon-Shi, KR), Kim; Yang-Ho (Changwon-Shi, KR), Hong; Young-Ho (Kimhae-Shi, KR), Heo; Kyeong-Wook (Changwon-Shi, KR), Cha; Kang-Wook (Changwon-Shi, KR), Sung; Si-Kyong (Changwon-Shi, KR), Lee; Dong-Hyuk (Jinhae-Shi, KR), Kang; Seong-Min (Seoul, KR), Kim; Tae-Geun (Changwon-Shi, KR)

Assignee: LG Electronics Inc.

International Classification: F25D 17/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018