Patent Number: 7,100,441

Title: Method and apparatus for monitoring liquid levels within a vessel

Abstract: An apparatus for monitoring the level of a liquid in a vessel comprises at least one metallic probe hermetically sealed within the vessel, the probe having a sealing end and at least a portion of the probe constituting a first electrode, the sealing end of the probe being encased within a glass material, a second electrode spaced apart from said first electrode in a manner such that the first and second electrode together form part of a capacitor, a mechanism for supplying an electrical current from an applied electrical current source to the capacitor, and a mechanism for monitoring capacitance of the capacitor.

Inventors: Williams; Graham (Cheshire, GB), Odedra; Raj (Cheshire, GB), Cunning; Hugh (Cheshire, GB), Smith; Lindsay (Coventry, GB)

Assignee: Epichem Limited

International Classification: G01F 23/26 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018