Patent Number: 7,100,466

Title: Angular velocity profile generator

Abstract: An angular velocity profile generator [22,24] comprising an input shaft [46], an output shaft [56], a universal joint coupling the shafts by pivot pins [70,75] situated on two pivot axes which are normal to one another, means [49] in the joint for varying the path of rotation of the pin [70] relatively to that of the pin [75], a first control arrangement [32] for varying the angle between the shafts and a second control arrangement [84], external to the universal joint, connected to the pivot pin path varying member which is activated by the first control arrangement to suit a specific velocity profile produced by the generator. The invention extends to an infinitely variable transmission machine including transmission stages [16] which each include two of the profile generators connected in series and an angular velocity profile portion extraction device.

Inventors: Naude; Johannes Jacobus (Randburg, ZA)

Assignee: Varibox (PTY) Limited

International Classification: F16H 27/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018