Patent Number: 7,100,581

Title: Gas feeding system for an internal combustion engine, having a pressure reducing valve connected to the intake manifold

Abstract: In a gas-supply system for internal-combustion engines, a pressure-reducing valve is arranged between the reservoir of the gas and a distribution manifold or rail that feeds the gas to a series of electromagnetically controlled injectors associated to the various cylinders of the engine. The pressure-reducing valve has an internal chamber for collection of any leakage of gas which is connected to the intake manifold of the internal-combustion engine so as to enable the leaked gas to be discharged in the engine. A solenoid shutoff valve is arranged in the connection to the intake manifold and is opened automatically upon ignition of the engine.

Inventors: Ricco; Mario (Orbassano, IT), De Matthaeis; Sisto Luigi (Orbassano, IT), Amorese; Claudio (Orbassano, IT), Manodoro; Dario (Orbassano, IT), Ricco; Raffaele (Orbassano, IT)

Assignee: C.R.F. Societa Consortile per Azioni

International Classification: F02M 37/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018