Patent Number: 7,100,693

Title: Process for pressure stimulating a well bore through a template

Abstract: One or more templates are provided for circulating fluids in a main well bore and for drilling and completing at least one offset well bore from the main well bore. Each template has a body, an inlet leg, a main outlet leg, and an offset outlet leg. A straddle assembly is mounted in the template to configure the template for fluid circulation. The straddle assembly, in cooperation with the inlet and main outlet legs, effects a downhole flow path which directs fluids from the inlet leg through body of the template and out the main outlet leg, bypassing the offset outlet leg. The straddle assembly is distally displaced from the template to reconfigure the template for drilling. A diverter is placed in the body of the template upon displacement of the straddle assembly to define a drill string path from the inlet leg to the offset outlet leg. The offset well bore is drilled by conveying a drill string through the drill string path. The diverter may then be used to direct additional fluids or tools from the inlet leg to the offset outlet leg for completion of the offset well bore.

Inventors: Collins; Gary J. (Richmond, TX), Baugh; John Lindley (Houston, TX), Murray; Doug J. (Humble, TX), Mills; Aubrey Clifton (Magnolia, TX)

Assignee: Marathon Oil Company

International Classification: E21B 43/26 (20060101); E21B 43/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018