Patent Number: 7,100,703

Title: Golf green roller apparatus

Abstract: A golf green roller apparatus that can be hitched to a golf cart or any vehicle utilizing a clevis pin-type coupler. The roller is mounted on an articulated frame. A pair of wheels having tires thereon is also mounted on the frame. An easy-to-operate electric actuator functions to lower or raise the wheels while simultaneously lowering or raising the roller. When the wheels are lowered, the roller is raised to a storage position. Conversely, when the wheels are raised the roller is lowered to contact the surface to be rolled. The electric actuator can be powered by a twelve-volt battery. Connector cables are provided so that the roller apparatus can be easily attached to the battery of a golf cart or the like.

Inventors: Etter; John D. (Wayne, NE)


International Classification: A01B 63/14 (20060101); A01B 15/00 (20060101); A01B 19/10 (20060101); E01C 19/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018