Patent Number: 7,100,742

Title: Method for controlling the delivery of lubricant

Abstract: The invention is directed to a method for controlling the delivery of lubricant between two parts which are movable relative to one another, in particular for lubricating rails, above all on curved tracks, in order to prevent or reduce squealing noises, wherein at least one sensor, e.g., a microphone, is provided for picking up sound vibrations, particularly structure-borne sound vibrations, the signal of the sensor being fed to a selective amplifier, e.g., an active bandpass filter, and used as an actuating variable for initiating the delivery of lubricant. For this purpose, at least two frequency bands are filtered out, the intensity of the sound vibrations of the filtered frequency bands is compared, and the determined difference or the ratio of the determined values is used as an actuating variable.

Inventors: Gunacker; Christian (Vienna, AT), Gunacker; Richard (Kasten, AT)

Assignee: Hy-Power Flexomatic Hydraulik Handelsges M.b.H.

International Classification: B61K 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018