Patent Number: 7,100,743

Title: Crank shaft in dual capacity compressor

Abstract: A crankshaft in a dual capacity compressor is disclosed, which causes oil contained in a lower portion of the compressor to flow up to an upper portion thereof with respect to all the rotational directions of a motor. A crank shaft (100) includes a driving shaft (110) inserted into a reversible motor (21, 22) for rotating along with the motor (21, 22), a balance weight (120) formed in a top portion of the driving shaft (110) for preventing vibration during rotation from occurring, a crank pin (130) formed on an upper surface of the balance weight (120) to be eccentric from the center of the driving shaft (110), and a regular/reverse oil path (140) formed along the balance weight (120) and the crank pin (130) for moving oil for forward rotation and reverse rotation of the motor respectively. The crankshaft serves to stably lubricate each driving part of the dual capacity compressor regardless of rotation direction.

Inventors: Park; Kyoung Jun (Changwon-shi, KR), Kim; Kee Joo (Changwon-shi, KR), Kim; Hee Hyun (Changwon-shi, KR), Kim; Jong Bong (Changwon-shi, KR), Bae; Young Joo (Changwon-shi, KR), No; Cheol Ki (Changwon-shi, KR), Sim; Jai Seong (Masan-shi, KR), Seo; Min Young (Changwon-shi, KR), Kim; Hyeon (Changwon-shi, KR), Kang; Dal Soo (Changwon-shi, KR)

Assignee: LG Electronics Inc.

International Classification: F01M 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018