Patent Number: 7,100,750

Title: Assembly for a Hydraulic Dashpot

Abstract: An assembly for a hydraulic dashpot. The dashpot is accommodated in an overall housing (1) and provided with a shock-absorbing piston (3) traveling back and forth inside the housing on one end of a piston rod (2) and partitioning the housing into two compartments (19 & 23), and a vibration-compensating piston (11) hydraulically paralleling the first piston and accommodated inside a subsidiary housing (10). The object of is to ensure a solid and reliable connection between the shock-absorbing piston and the piston rod while allowing as much of the piston rod as possible to find support inside the housing. The vibration-compensating piston is accordingly an annular piston and travels back and forth with its inner surface resting against a section (9) of the piston rod adjacent to the fastening for the shock-absorbing piston, and with its outer surface against the inner surface of the subsidiary housing.

Inventors: Drees; Helmut (Ennepetal, DE)

Assignee: ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH

International Classification: F16F 9/34 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018