Patent Number: 7,100,899

Title: Weed puller

Abstract: A weed puller for gathering weeds at the interstices between the weed foliage above the ground and the weed root below the ground includes a handle for being held by a standing operator at one end and supporting a body at the bottom distal end. The body defines two blunted prongs on either side of a central axis on the body extending away from the attachment to the handle through the body. The two prongs define therebetween a V-shaped gathering gap with blunted opposed V-shaped edges on either side of the axis. There is a second body portion including portions of the two prongs, the first portion being divided from the second portion along a bending axis normal to the central axis of the body. The second body portion includes portions of the two prongs bent upwardly and away towards the handle at an obtuse angle along the bending axis to form a weed pulling cradle area in the body. When a weed is gathered between the V-shaped gathering gap between the weed foliage and the weed root, the weed is pulled at the weed root immediately underlying the weed foliage between the first body portion and the second body portion to center in the weed pulling cradle area when the handle is withdrawn from the ground towards the standing operator. Weed removal with the attached root and undisturbed seeds can result.

Inventors: Hoover; Jerry M (Fallon, NV)


International Classification: B66F 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018