Patent Number: 7,100,913

Title: Value sheet handling apparatus

Abstract: A value sheet handling apparatus comprises an actuating mechanism for exerting pressure onto a value sheet so as to move the value sheet, and further comprises detecting means to detect movement of the value sheet with respect to the actuating mechanism, wherein if the detecting means ascertains that the value sheet has not been moved by the actuating mechanism the pressure exerted Onto die flexible media is increased until motion of the value sheet is detected. Additionally or alternatively, the pressure is varied in dependence on the type of the value sheet. The value sheet is dispensed from a stack by buckling the sheet, the rest of the stack being gripped in the area exposed by the buckling of the sheet.

Inventors: Garcia; Guillermo (Geneva, CH), Gerlier; Andre (Sciez, FR), Polidoro; Roberto (Geneva, CH)

Assignee: Mars Incorporated

International Classification: B65H 3/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018