Patent Number: 7,100,961

Title: Truck bed shelter

Abstract: A removable truck bed shelter for use with a truck bed having laterally spaced side ends. The removable truck bed shelter extends between and rests on the laterally spaced side ends to provide shelter to an animal housed in the truck bed. The removable truck bed shelter extends over only a portion of the open truck bed and provides a weather-resistant cover over the portion of the truck bed so enclosed. The removable truck bed shelter may be constructed as an adjustable frame with an attachable cover or as a solid piece of weather-resistant material. When constructed as an adjustable frame, telescoping center portions may be attached to the support members of the frame and include holes wherein a pin may be inserted to lock the frame in position.

Inventors: Moen; Russel J. (Sandpoint, ID), Moen; Wendy Ann (Sandpoint, ID)


International Classification: B62D 25/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018