Patent Number: 7,101,030

Title: Formation of novel ink jet filter printhead using transferable photopatterned filter layer

Abstract: Disclosed is a process for forming a channel wafer for a novel ink jet printhead, having an ink particle-filter layer over the ink-inlet surface thereof. The process comprises the steps of applying a thin coating of a heat-curable, photopatternable polymer composition to an intermediate substrate having a release surface and drying the coating to form a semi-solid adhesive layer. The layer and supporting substrate are pressed against the ink-inlet surface of a channel wafer with an optional adhesive layer to bond the layer to the ink inlet surface. The substrate is separated to transfer the contacting area of the semi-solid layer to the ink-inlet surface as a laminate, and the semi-solid layer is exposed through a filter-forming mask and ink particle-filter openings are developed therethrough, either before or after transfer of the semi-solid adhesive layer from the intermediate substrate to the ink-inlet surface of the channel wafer, and the filter layer is cured.

Inventors: Clark; Shan (Forest Grove, OR), Kneezel; Gary (Webster, NY), Narang; Ram (Macedon, NY), Zhang; Bidan (Lagrandeville, NY), Fisher; Almon (Rochester, NY)

Assignee: Xerox Corporation

International Classification: B41J 2/175 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018