Patent Number: 7,101,057

Title: Pistol grip flashlight

Abstract: A flash light has a barrel for batteries, a lamp, a switch for opening and closing a circuit a lens, a cap, and a pistol grip handle extending transversely from the barrel. The handle includes a trigger with a magnetic to activate the switch in the barrel. The barrel is watertight between the barrel, the cap and a transparent face mounted with the cap. A reflective parabolic lens surface has multiple protrusions arranged on the reflective surface.

Inventors: Parker; David H. (Torrance, CA), Hoven; John Paul (Manhattan Beach, CA), Jarrett; Alstair Warren (Long Beach, CA), Deighton; Kevin (Long Beach, CA)

Assignee: Pelican Products, Inc.

International Classification: F21L 4/00 (20060101); F21V 21/40 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018