Patent Number: 7,101,082

Title: Linear bearing

Abstract: A linear bearing includes a linear guide on which a carriage is translationally movable, a plurality of balls between the linear guide and carriage located in a contact area between the linear guide and the carriage on a straight line, ball deflection sections each adjoining one end of the line outside the contact area, and a ball return section, with the balls being adapted to continuously revolve along the line between the linear guide and the carriage, the ball deflection sections and the ball return section. The ball deflection sections include an end part and a ball deflector. The end part is provided with a trough-shaped depression which guides the balls, while the ball deflector includes a hemispherical or hemi-ellipsoidal section. Also, a deflection path for the balls is provided between the trough-shaped depression and the hemispherical or hemi-ellipsoidal section in a mounted state of the linear bearing.

Inventors: Geyer; Andreas (Kolitzheim/Unterspeisheim, DE)

Assignee: AB SKF

International Classification: F16C 29/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018