Patent Number: 7,101,107

Title: Cosmetics brush

Abstract: A cosmetics brush, and more particularly, to a cosmetics brush in which cosmetics liquid is discharged to a brush using the air pressure generated by pressing an inner body is provided. In the cosmetics brush, the lower part of the inner body whose upper part is thread coupled by a coupler and that includes a sealing ring in the inside thereof is pressed so that the cosmetics liquid stored in the inner body is discharged to the brush through liquid guiding passages and a discharge hole formed in a discharger and a liquid transporting tube due to the air pressure generated while the inner body ascends and descends to let a user apply make-up. Since the inner body thread coupled with the coupler can be separated and refilled with cosmetics liquid when cosmetics liquid is exhausted, the cosmetics brush is economical and convenient.

Inventors: Byun; Young Kwang (Seoul 158-769, KR)


International Classification: A46B 11/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018