Patent Number: 7,101,137

Title: Loading means for workpieces

Abstract: A loading device for transporting workpieces (3) from a readiness position, preferably a workpiece transport means, to a machining unit (1) and vice versa, or between machining units, is provided with a loading portal arranged above the machining site, on which linear robots (5, 6), bent-arm robots or similar means are arranged displaceably for transporting and releasing or picking up the workpieces (3) at or from the machining unit (1). One or more tray-like catching means (7) arranged under the workpieces (3) are also arranged displaceably at the loading portal (4, 10) with the displaceable means (5, 6).

Inventors: Schwarz; Eberhard (Nagold, DE), Berger; Manfred (Weinsberg, DE)

Assignee: Cross Huller GmbH

International Classification: B65H 5/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018