Patent Number: 7,101,178

Title: Dental impression method and device

Abstract: A dental impression device (100) which has a buccal support (1a), a lingual support (1b), and a joining section (1c). The buccal support (1a) is disposed towards the buccal side of a dental arch; the lingual support (1b) is disposed towards the lingual side of the dental arch; and the joining section (1c), which connects the buccal and lingual supports, is disposed posterior in the mouth's no bite region. The supports (1a, 1b) form impression material holding areas which hold and secure dental impression material (9). The supports (1a,1b) and joining section (1c) form an open bite through area through which the lower and upper teeth's occlusal surfaces can make contact. Dental impression material (9) supported in the holding area by the supports is disposed in the open bite through area and is between the occlusal surfaces of the upper and lower teeth. The dental impression is then formed by a person making a closed bite into the impression material.

Inventors: Diesso; Michael (East Wareham, MA)


International Classification: A61C 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018