Patent Number: 7,101,246

Title: Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft

Abstract: A rotary aircraft (rotorcraft) in which the entire aircraft rotates about its center of mass as it flies, and in which the center of mass is located external to the aircraft in the generally triangular region formed by the aircraft's single wing and two propellers. As the aircraft flies, the two propellers provide torque about the center of mass and rotate the wing, which provides lift for the aircraft. The aircraft is controllable via a stationary radio transmitter that sends commands for pitch, roll, yaw and altitude. A receiver in the aircraft uses the transmitted signal to establish the aircraft's instantaneous orientation in combination with the sent commands to generate control signals that drive the propeller motors that affect the aircraft's attitude. Pitch and roll are controlled by pulse width modulation of the propeller motor voltages in order to affect the thrust at specific portions of the aircraft's rotation cycle.

Inventors: Dammar; Michael A. (Brooklyn Park, MN)

Assignee: VeraTech Aero-RPV Corporation

International Classification: A63H 27/127 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018