Patent Number: 7,101,280

Title: Grain tank cover for an agricultural harvester

Abstract: A grain tank for an agricultural harvester has an extension assembly to enable the volume of the tank to be increased. The extension assembly comprises two pairs of mutually opposed panels that are movable relative to the tank between a lowered position in which they serve as a cover for an opening in the top of the tank and a raised position in which they define the side walls of an extension volume that communicates through the opening with the interior of the tank. In the invention, a blind is secured to the opposed panels of one of the pairs to cover the grain tank when the extension assembly is raised. The blind is automatically deployed from a stowed position to a extended position as the two panels are moved to their raised position.

Inventors: Colpaert; Johny P. C. (Zedelgem, BE)

Assignee: New Holland North America, Inc.

International Classification: A01F 12/60 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018