Patent Number: 7,101,293

Title: Golh: the golf hybrid sport of golfrisbee

Abstract: The golh sport is comprised of the golh club, golfrisbee disc and golfrisbee basket. Swiveling the golh club, the flying object such as golfrisbee disk is thrown to fly into the golfrisbee basket. The golfrisbee basket has the wind-bell-chain reverted umbrella structure to protect the golfrisbee from damage. The flying object has many types such as the golfball, golfrisbee disk, golfring, diskring, boomerang, polygon boomerang, multi-boomerang ring, multi-boomerang diskring, etc. Golh is the hybrid golf comprising the flying golfrisbee and the golf ball. Basedisc is the golfrisbee sport following the similar game rules of baseball. The core technologies are the swiveling club throwing technology, wind-bell-chain reverted-umbrella golfrisbee basket and the universal direction wing flying disk technology. The golh system comprises the golh club, golfrisbee, golfrisbee basket, portable hole, golh lubricant, golh cart, golh trolley, golh bag, golh swing trainer, and the manufacture processes to be an integrated system package.

Inventors: Tarng; Min Ming (San Jose, CA), Lin; Mei Jech (San Jose, CA), Tarng; Eric Yu-Shiao (San Jose, CA), Tarng; Alfred Yu-Chih (San Jose, CA), Tarng; Angela Yu-Shiu (San Jose, CA), Tarng; Jwu-Ing (San Jose, CA), Tarng; Huang-Chang (San Jose, CA), Nieh; Shun-Yu (San Jose, CA)

Assignee: TANG System Golh:Golfish, Golfrisbee, Golhunting

International Classification: A63B 67/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018