Patent Number: 7,101,316

Title: Elliptical step exercise apparatus

Abstract: In an exercise apparatus having a frame that is adapted for placement on the floor, a pivot axle supported by the frame, a pair of pedal levers, pedals secured to the pedal levers, arm handles connected for motion with the pedal levers and which can utilize a variety of pedal actuation assemblies for generating elliptical motion of the pedal, the stride length portion of the elliptical motion can be increased automatically as a function of exercise parameters such as speed. In addition, the arm handles can be disconnected manually or automatically from the pedal levers.

Inventors: Rosenow; Charles J. (Ramsey, MN), Mueller; Cilfford F. (Crystal River, FL), Grossman; Bradley H. (Champlin, MN), Hsing; John J. (Chicago, IL), Rogus; John M. (Skokie, IL)

Assignee: Brunswick Corporation

International Classification: A63B 22/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018