Patent Number: 7,101,318

Title: Omni-directional treadmill

Abstract: The present invention is an exercise device incorporating a treadmill platform and treadmill podium, whereby the user may walk/run on the treadmill, not only in the forward direction, but also in the side-to-side and backwards directions described above, while still facing the podium. This present invention provides a treadmill having a podium that can be adjusted with respect to the platform, so that regardless of the direction of travel in which the user is traveling on the platform (forward, side-to-side, or backwards), the user will always be facing the podium. This is accomplished by providing a pivoting podium element that pivots with respect to the platform.

Inventors: Holmes; Kendall (St. Croix, VI)


International Classification: A63B 22/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018