Patent Number: 7,101,329

Title: Variable exercise apparatus

Abstract: A variable exercise apparatus comprises a frame structure member a user support member having a seat, and a user engagement member. The back end of the user engagement member is pivotally mounted to the frame structure member. An engagement assembly is mounted to the front end of the user engagement member via an assembly support capable of moving in the upward and downward directions. The lower end of the assembly support is connected by a wheel member to a guide member, which is mounted on the frame structure member. The user sits in the seat and pushes against the engagement assembly, with the general thigh portion of the leg, in either the downward, upward, and/or side directions. The wheel member will follow the contour of the guide member.

Inventors: Johnston; Gary Lawrence (Cowarts, AL)


International Classification: A63B 71/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018