Patent Number: 7,101,583

Title: Method for processing a product

Abstract: A method of processing a product, such as a food product, by sequential application of different processing steps in a single vessel, is disclosed. Untreated product is placed inside a bottom-unloading basket that is then placed within a covered vessel. For processing a food product, the invention uses a porous steamer apparatus for insertion into a covered cooking vessel. The steamer apparatus is comprised of two unfastened pieces, a basket and a support base. The basket holds the food product, has an open-ended top and an open-ended bottom, and rests firmly upon, but is not fastened to, the support base. The support base has an inverted conical shape and a vertical pole having a hook-shaped upper terminus. After steam-cooking, the pressure dome, basket and support base are removed from the vessel, while the food product remains in the vessel and is subjected to further processing, such as mechanical mixing.

Inventors: Bove; Meenakshi J. (Great Falls, VA)


International Classification: A23L 1/01 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018