Patent Number: 7,102,078

Title: Housing for holding electrical and/or electronic components

Abstract: A housing for holding electrical and/or electronic components with a housing opening and with an entry fitting which is rotationally located in the housing opening, the entry fitting having a cylindrical holding part in which an annular groove is formed, and being held by a fastener in the housing. In the housing, the entry fitting can be securely attached to the housing with simple means and installation of the entry fitting, with the housing otherwise closed, is possible in that, for axially securing the entry fitting in the housing opening, there is an open plastic snap ring which is provided with a feed bevel which is guided in the annular groove, and which, in the installed state of the entry fitting, is locked at least partially in a groove in the housing opening.

Inventors: Weber; Michael (Meckenbeuren, DE), Heinrich; Wolfgang (Tettnang, DE), Hornstein; Andreas (Lindau, DE), Mehnert; Wolfgang (Lindau, DE), Sauter; Franz (Tettnang, DE), Siegler; Ralf (Schlier, DE)

Assignee: i f m electronic GmbH

International Classification: H02G 3/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018