Patent Number: 7,102,131

Title: Device for photometric measurement of several samples

Abstract: A device for photometric measurement of several samples (12) that are exposed to radiation from a light source (14) associated therewith. The light modified by the samples (12) is intercepted by an optical device (19) and is guided as a sum of all the light radiated from all samples (12) to at least one sensor (27) for measuring the intensity and evaluation thereof in an evaluation device (32) arranged downstream. The light sources (14) are controlled individually by a control device (31) and the evaluation device (32) and the control device (31) are controlled such that the evaluation device (32) separates the light from each sample (12) from the light of the other samples. The control device (31) modulates the light source (14) with various signals, which are pre-assigned to the evaluation device (32) and used to determine the light signals of the individual samples (12) from the sum signal received by the sensor (27).

Inventors: Spolaczyk; Reiner (Hamburg, DE), Maass; Andreas (Hamburg, DE), Treptow; Rainer (Norderstedt, DE)

Assignee: Eppendorf AG

International Classification: G01N 21/64 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018