Patent Number: 7,102,133

Title: Method and device for measuring a mass flow

Abstract: A device used to measure the mass flow of a particulate transported with the aid of a gas. The device includes an arrangement which is used to create an electromagnetic field, with a measuring area being defined therein. An evaluation device for electromagnetic radiation which is reflected at least off of the solid(s) is connected to a detector. The evaluation device is provided with a differentiator which is connected to the detector for detecting reflected electromagnetic radiation. A rectifier is connected to the differentiator in order to determine an amount, whereby mass flow is obtained from the reflection amount. The reflection is measured, at least from the solid(s) within the measuring area of the magnetic field, whereupon the differential quotient is determined as a function of time from the chronological progression of the measuring signal and the absolute value is obtained therefrom. A measuring signal is obtained from the non-homogeneity of the electromagnetic field, forming the integral over time of the amount of the reflected power per time. The measuring signal is proportional to the mass flow.

Inventors: Happel; Jens (Lubeck-Brandenburg, DE)

Assignee: mic measuring ideas consulting GmbH

International Classification: G01F 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018