Patent Number: 7,102,726

Title: System for fabricating liquid crystal display and method of fabricating liquid crystal display using the same

Abstract: Disclosed is a system for fabricating a liquid crystal display using liquid crystal dropping and a method of fabricating a liquid crystal display using the same. The present invention includes a liquid crystal forming line dropping liquid crystals on the first substrate, a sealant forming line forming the sealant on the second substrate, and a bonding and hardening line bonding the two substrates to each other and hardening the sealant, printing a sealant, bonding the substrates each other, and hardening the sealant and an inspection process line of cutting the bonded substrates into panel units and grinding and inspecting the unit panels. And, the GAP process line includes And, the present invention includes the processes of dropping LC on a first substrate using a dispenser, forming a main UV hardening sealant on a second substrate, bonding the first and second substrates to each other in a vacuum state, UV-hardening the main UV hardening sealant, cutting the bonded substrates into cell units, grinding the cut substrates, and inspecting the grinded substrates finally.

Inventors: Byun; Yong Sang (Kumi-shi, KR), Park; Moo Yeol (Taegu-kwangyokshi, KR), Jung; Sung Su (Taegu-kwangyokshi, KR), Kang; Sung Chun (Kumi-shi, KR), Kim; Jong Woo (Kyongsangbuk-do, KR), Ha; Young Hun (Kumi-shi, KR), Lee; Sang Seok (Taegu-kwangyokshi, KR), Park; Sang Ho (Pusan-kwangyokshi, KR), Choo; Hun Jun (Kumi-shi, KR), Kweon; Hyug Jin (Kumi-shi, KR), Chae; Kyung Su (Kumi-shi, KR), Son; Hae Joon (Kyongsangbuk-do, KR), Shin; Sang Sun (Pohang-shi, KR), Lim; Jong Go (Kyongsangbuk-do, KR)

Assignee: LG. Philips LCD Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G02F 1/1341 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018