Patent Number: 7,102,855

Title: Microelectronic device with closely spaced contact studs

Abstract: A microelectronic device includes a transducer. An overcoat layer is disposed on a transducer surface. A plurality of electrical contact pads are disposed on the overcoat layer. First and second studs that pass through the overcoat layer to connect the transducer to the electrical contact pads. The first and second studs are separated from one another by a reduced spacing distance that is free of trenching.

Inventors: Tabakovic; Ibro (Edina, MN), Pust; Ladislav L. (Savage, MN), Thayer; Arthur L. (Minnetonka, MN), Nguyen; Thu Van (Shakopee, MN)

Assignee: Seagate Technology LLC

International Classification: G11B 5/127 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018