Patent Number: 7,102,954

Title: Semiconductor integrated circuit device having logic circuit and dynamic random access memory on the same chip

Abstract: In a memory circuit, a transistor formed in the same process as that of a logic transistor is used for peripheral circuitry except for a region to be supplied with high voltage. Thus, the manufacturing process can be simplified and a logic-merged memory operating at a high speed is provided.

Inventors: Noda; Hideyuki (Hyogo, JP), Arimoto; Kazutami (Hyogo, JP), Dosaka; Katsumi (Hyogo, JP), Fujino; Takeshi (Hyogo, JP)

Assignee: Renesas Technology Corp.

International Classification: G11C 5/14 (20060101); G11C 29/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018