Patent Number: 7,103,470

Title: Method and system for mapping traffic predictions with respect to telematics and route guidance applications

Abstract: A method is provided for predicting load of traffic of vehicles that are travelling according to non reference route plan, provided with Dynamic Route Guidance capability of their PMMS, in a Forward Time Interval related Route Segment and according to a predetermined protocol between mobile systems and a non mobile system platform of a SODMS. Using mobile units, a traffic prediction query is receiving according to a predetermined differential traffic load match process. A match process is performed by each of the mobile units and, according to a match, a predetermined response procedure is enabled, wherein a response procedure in each mobile unit uses a predetermined random process to select an allocated slot in which to transmit a predetermined signal, which provides an improved way to predict traffic in conjunction with off line database statistics, preferably with such that are being adaptively corrected by prior data and method to predict traffic which do not include, or lack sufficient erratic traffic information.

Inventors: Mintz; Josef (49542 Petach Tqkva, IL)


International Classification: G06G 7/76 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018