Patent Number: 7,103,888

Title: Split model driver using a push-push messaging protocol over a channel based network

Abstract: A channel based network is provided that allows one or more hosts to communicate with one or more remote fabric attached I/O units. A split-model network driver includes a host module driver and I/O unit module driver. The host module driver and the I/O unit module driver each includes a messaging layer that allows the hosts and I/O units to communicate over the switched fabric using a push-push messaging protocol. For a host to send data, the host either initiates a RDMA write to a pre-registered buffer or initiates a message Send to a pre-posted buffer on the target. For the RDMA case, the initiator would have to send the target some form of transfer indication specifying where the data has been written. This notification can be done with either a separate message or more preferably with immediate data that is included with the RDMA write.

Inventors: Cayton; Phil C. (Hillsboro, OR), Seshadri; Harinarayanan (Beaverton, OR), Davis; Arlin R. (Yamhill, OR)

Assignee: Intel Corporation

International Classification: G06F 9/46 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/05/02018