Patent Number: 7,131,375

Title: Offset lithographic printing press having seamed sleeved printing blanket

Abstract: An offset lithographic printing press combined with a gapped or seamed cylindrical offset printing blanket having pre-made blanket material mounted on a cylindrical sleeve is disclosed, wherein conventional, manufactured blanket material in flat form is adhered to a cylindrical sleeve to economically produce a cylindrical sleeved blanket. The leading and trailing ends of the flat blanket material are joined in close proximity such that a small gap is formed. A seam may be made with a filler material that fills the remaining gap resulting in a seamed sleeved blanket. In use, the seam is aligned with the non-print area on the adjacent printing plate, or the adjacent plate cylinder gap of the printing press. Being narrower than the plate cylinder gap, no loss of print length results from the seam.

Inventors: Byers; Joseph L. (Inman, SC), Hix; Leslie Scott (Covington, GA), Badowski; Timothy F. (Chicago, IL), Stock; Michael F. (Johnsburg, IL)

Assignee: MLP U.S.A., Inc.

International Classification: B41F 13/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-07 0:00:00