Patent Number: 7,131,668

Title: Anti-submarining seat-belt assembly

Abstract: Seat belts of a transport system are provided with anti-submarining seat-belt assemblies. A lap-belt portion of each assembly, restraining the lower part of the body of a belted passenger, is subdivided into two anti-submarining belt portions, which properly restrain the thighs when plug-in connecting at least one anti-submarining latch-plate to one of the anti-submarining buckle assemblies, all of which, equipped with energy absorbers, are arranged in a seat cushion. As a result, the energy-absorbing, anti-submarining seat-belt assembly substantially lowers great belt force in an accident, reduces the elongation of the seat belt and prevents submarining. A separately operated release button, when depressed, frees the passenger from the anti-submarining protection. Ease of use is ensured by one-click operation of a master release-button, which, when depressed, releases all latch-plates. Detachable anti-submarining latch plates, when not in use, are stored in a storage box. When needed they are attached to the lap-belt portion.

Inventors: Go; Giok Djien (D-65510 Idstein, DE)


International Classification: B60R 22/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-07 0:00:00