Patent Number: 7,132,072

Title: Method for producing multi-cored molded article

Abstract: To manufacture a multi-core press-coated molded product efficiently and in a single step from molding materials, namely, powder or granular particles, a punch has been devised that is characterized in that the punch, consists of a center punch whose tip portion is split into two or more parts, and an outer punch enclosing the outer perimeter of the center punch, and whose tip portion fills the gap at the tip portion of the center punch, with both the center and outer punches being slidable and manipulatable for compression operation the method of manufacturing a multi-core press-coated molded product using the punch of the invention as compression molding means for at least the upper punch and preferably for both the upper and lower punches, and a rotary compression molding machine therefore is also discribed. This has led to the successful manufacture of a multi-core press-coated molded product in which a plurality of cores are arranged horizontally relative to the pressure applied surface of the molded product and further located at specific positions. When provided with a score line, the multi-core press-coated molded product can be made into a dividable molded product.

Inventors: Ozeki; Yuichi (Nagoya, JP), Kondo; Yoshiya (Nagoya, JP), Watanabe; Yukinao (Nagoya, JP)

Assignee: Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B29C 43/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-07 0:00:00