Patent Number: 7,132,085

Title: Method for the catalytic oxidation of a gas, recombination device for carrying out the method, and system which includes the recombination device

Abstract: In a method for catalytic oxidation of a gas, the outlay required is kept at a low level for reliably treating even relatively large quantities of gas and/or high concentrations of the gas fraction that needs to be treated. For this purpose, a gas stream including the gas being treated is circulated through a reaction zone and a return-flow zone, which is in communication with the inlet and outlet sides of the reaction zone. The circulation of the gas stream can be maintained effectively in the form of a passive system if the gas stream which includes the gas to be treated is guided in the upward direction in the reaction zone and the upward flow is assisted by convection resulting from the heat released during the oxidation reaction. Furthermore, the gas stream is preferably cooled locally in the return-flow zone by spray cooling.

Inventors: Eckardt; Bernd (Bruchkobel, DE)

Assignee: Framatome ANP GmbH

International Classification: G21C 9/00 (20060101); B01D 50/00 (20060101); B01J 19/24 (20060101); B01J 8/02 (20060101); F28D 21/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-07 0:00:00