Patent Number: 7,132,501

Title: Polymerizable composition containing novel cyclic sulfur compound and resin obtained by curing the polymerizable composition

Abstract: A sulfur-containing compound has a structure represented by formula (1): ##STR00001## (wherein R1 represents a hydrogen atom, a reactive terminal group, a straight, branched or cyclic alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms and a reactive terminal group or its thia derivative thereof, an aryl group, or an aralkyl group; Y represents an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, a selenium atom, or a tellurium atom; R represents a substituted or unsubstituted bivalent hydrocarbon group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms, which may be thianated; n represents an integer of 0 to 3; X.sub.1 is substituted for any one of groups R2 to R7 of a partial structure represented by formula (2) in which the groups R2 to R7 other than the group substituted by X.sub.1 are independently a hydrogen atom or a substituted or unsubstituted monovalent hydrocarbon group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms; and R1 is not a group having a (meth)acryl group when Y is an oxygen atom.) ##STR00002## The compound has a high refractive index and high Abbe's number, and produces a resin having excellent impact resistance.

Inventors: Kobayashi; Seiichi (Omuta, JP), Morijiri; Hiroyuki (Omuta, JP)

Assignee: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

International Classification: C08G 75/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-07 0:00:00