Patent Number: 7,132,777

Title: Electric motor and brush retaining assembly

Abstract: The present invention generally provides a motor-fan unit including a motor assembly having a shaft, a commutator supported on the shaft, and a pair of brushes in electrical contact with the commutator, a fan assembly having an impeller coupled to the shaft, an end plate assembly located between the impeller and the motor assembly, said end plate assembly including a plate portion defining an opening throughwhich the shaft passes, wherein said commutator is located near the opening, and a pair of brush retainers adapted to receive the brushes formed on the plate portion adjacent said commutator, the brush retainers opening toward the fan assembly.

Inventors: Finkenbinder; David B. (Ravenna, OH), Marsden; Jeffrey D. (Stow, OH), Miller; R. Craig (Uniontown, OH), Wu; Huanbo (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

Assignee: Ametek, Inc.

International Classification: H01R 39/38 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-07 0:00:00