Patent Number: 7,133,438

Title: Acquisition method and apparatus for carrying out the method

Abstract: Communications acquisition method for correlating an incoming binary-coded spread sequence having m bits and arriving at a frequency f with a locally generated spread sequence by phase-shifting a multiplicity of locally generated spread sequences with respect to the received spread sequence. The received spread sequence being correlated with a locally generated spread sequence at the frequency f. The received spread sequence is stored. The received, stored spread sequence is split into sections and the correlation is carried out in steps at an oversampling rate. A correlator includes a shift register with feedback. Register positions of the shift register are connected in parallel to a memory input, and the memory output is connected in parallel with the register positions. A further memory holds reference signal sequences and another comparator compares the memory content with further memory content.

Inventors: Gunzelmann; Bertram (Augsburg, DE), Molev-Shteiman; Arkadi (Bnei Brak, IL)

Assignee: Infineon Technologies AG

International Classification: H04B 1/69 (20060101); H04L 27/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-07 0:00:00