Patent Number: 7,133,456

Title: Modulation and demodulation format selectable system

Abstract: Modulation Demodulation (Modem) Format Selectable (MFS) and Code Selectable (CS) systems for new generations of wireless systems, including third generation "3G", spread spectrum systems, CDMA,W-CDMA and GSM, OFDM systems having different bit rates, that is having bit rate selection or bit rate agile( BRA) operation. MFS and Code Selectable (CS) systems connected to one or more modulators, one or more transmit amplifiers and one or more antennas. The transmitted signals are received by single or multiple receivers and demodulators. Shaped Time Constrained Signal(TCS) wavelet processors and bit rate agile Long Response (LR) filters provide shaped Time Constrained Signal (TCS) waveforms/filtered signals in in-phase(I) and quadrature-phase(Q) baseband channels to one or more Quadrature Modulators(QM) connected to the baseband signal processing network. A control processor and signal selection device selects one or more of the baseband signals and provides these signals through one or more quadrature modulators(QM) having the same or different radio frequency(RF) signals for amplification by one or more amplifiers. A selection device for selecting a Linearly and/or a Non-Linearly Amplified (NLA) modulated signal is provided and the selected amplified signal is provided to one or more transmit antenna systems or to one or more transmission media.

Inventors: Feher; Kamilo (El Macero, CA)


International Classification: H04L 27/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-07 0:00:00