Patent Number: 7,134,172

Title: Method of manufacturing a multi-nozzle ink jet head

Abstract: In a method of manufacturing a multi-nozzle ink jet head having a plurality of nozzles, cross talk between adjacent elements is suppressed. The head has the nozzles (12), pressure chambers (15), and bimorph drivers. The bimorph drivers have piezos (19) formed on a diaphragm (18). The diaphragm (18) has linear parts (18-1) that convert the generated force from the piezos (19) into displacement, and non-linear parts (18-2) that are provided between the linear parts (18-1) and diaphragm fixing parts. Due to the non-linear parts (18-2), transmission of strain energy to the fixing parts is suppressed, and hence cross talk is suppressed.

Inventors: Sakamoto; Yoshiaki (Kawasaki, JP), Koike; Shuji (Setagaya, JP), Shingai; Tomohisa (Kawasaki, JP)

Assignee: Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H04R 17/00 (20060101); B21D 53/76 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-14 0:00:00