Patent Number: 7,134,190

Title: Wire harness manufacturing machine

Abstract: The present invention is an automated wire harness machine (40) capable of manufacturing a wire harness (42) unique in-part due to the automation process. The novel wire harness is generally a plurality of bundled, preferably un-stripped, insulated wires (46). Each un-stripped end portion (180, 182) of each wire is preferably terminated to one of a series of electrical connectors (44) of the wire harness. Each connector has at least one wafer (52) which houses a plurality of terminals (54) preferably crimped and electrically terminated to the ends of the wires. The wire harness machine preferably utilizes a pallet (56) which holds all of the wafers of one wire harness. A conveyor (58) transports the pallet and wafers through a series of stations which perform automated manufacturing steps. The first station is a terminal inserter (64) which inserts and locks the terminals within pre-assigned cavities (114) of the wafers. The next station is an automated wire loader (66) which measures, cuts and crimps the two ends of each wire into the respective terminals of the loaded wafer assembly. A third station, or ultrasonic welder (68), the galls an un-stripped non-ferrous core (270) of the crimped wire to the terminal. The pallet with the loaded wafers, crimped terminals, and terminated wires are then transported to a wire marker station (70) which marks each wire, preferably via a laser (328), for identification purposes.

Inventors: Bungo; Edward M. (Cortland, OH), Gourash; James A. (Cortland, OH), Hsieh; Shao Chung (Warren, OH), Kightlinger; John Thomas (Canfield, OH), Loprire; Nick M. (Cortland, OH), McFall; Robert Alan (West Farmington, OH), McLane; John C. (Girard, OH), Rodondi; Andrew F. (Sharpsville, PA), Vanden Wymelenberg; Mark J. (Girard, OH)

Assignee: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: H01R 43/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-14 0:00:00