Patent Number: 7,134,210

Title: Systems and methods for dimensionally inspecting threaded fasteners

Abstract: Systems and methods for obtaining dimensions for threaded fasteners are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes an apparatus that determines a dimension of a fastener using a probe that senses a linear displacement of the fastener. A probe tip is rotatably disposed on the probe that contacts the fastener. A controller is coupled to the apparatus for receiving the dimensional characteristic. In another embodiment, a measurement apparatus includes a rotating spindle that supports the fastener and a probe that detects a dimension and having a portion that rotatably engages the fastener. A scale is coupled to the probe to determine a displacement. In another embodiment, a method includes positioning a fastener in a spindle that rotates the fastener, engaging the fastener with a probe to sense a dimension of the fastener, the probe having a terminal portion that rotatably conforms to the fastener, and processing the dimension.

Inventors: Yeeles; Chris J. (Renton, WA)

Assignee: The Boeing Company

International Classification: G01B 21/22 (20060101); G01B 5/24 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-14 0:00:00