Patent Number: 7,134,220

Title: Fluid level measuring device having at least one compressible member

Abstract: A fluid level measuring device, also referred to as a dipstick, for measuring the fluid level in a fluid reservoir or tank, such as an oil pan or transmission reservoir in an internal combustion engine. The fluid level measuring device includes a stationary tube onto which lugs can be directly attached. The dipstick assembly includes a fluid level indicator measuring blade attached to an elongated shaft that is molded into a plastic handle assembly. The plastic handle assembly includes a bayonet type locking mechanism for locking the handle to the stationary tube assembly. A compressible seal forms a pressurized seal between the stationary tube assembly and the handle.

Inventors: Porter; Curtis H. (Huntsville, MO), Dougherty; John M. (Clark, MO), Marek; Steve (Moberly, MO), Halferty; Michael (Columbia, MO), Tayon; Jeff (Moberly, MO)

Assignee: Orscheln Products LLC

International Classification: G01F 23/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-14 0:00:00