Patent Number: 7,134,250

Title: Building panels

Abstract: A building or insulating panel (30) including a collapsible frame of generally square or rectangular configuration, which is collapsible between a generally flat condition and an erected condition in which it is installed. The frame including overlying top and bottom sheets (31,32) that are generally parallel and spaced apart in the erected condition of the frame by two webs (33,36) which are spaced apart to extend in generally parallel realationship lengthwise along opposite side regions of the frame. The webs (33, 36) extend substantially perpendicular to the top and bottom sheets (31, 32) in the erected condition and are disposed substantially parallel to the top and bottom sheets (31, 32) in the collapsed condition. The panel further includes reinforcing means (37) which is inserted between the top and bottom sheets (31, 32) when the frame is in the erected condition to reinforce the panel (30) against collapse. The insulating panel may have an intermediate sheet disposed between the top and bottom sheets which is adhesively connected to each of the top and bottom sheets. The intermediate sheet is formed as a corrugated sheet and at least one of the top and bottom sheets and the intermediate sheet are formed from reflective insulating foil to create a reflective air space.

Inventors: Forrester; Trevor (Undercliffe, AU), Bostrom; Michel (Dee Why, AU)

Assignee: Amalgamated Metal Industries Pty Ltd.

International Classification: E04B 1/74 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-14 0:00:00